LEPHYR is a contemporary communications agency for brands that flow to and from the coast.

LEPHYR is a feeling, a sense of togetherness and camaraderie around a shared passion.

LEPHYR started with a desire, a desire to explore new environments and connect with like-minded brands, and people, who flow back to the ocean. We understand the importance of genuine relationships on and offline and how collaboration is key. We work alongside brands, on a personal level, to develop and nurture fresh ideas to captivate an audience through authentic storytelling, engaging content and immersive experience. We understand the importance of credibility to build loyal brand advocacy with today’s savvy consumer.

“We are really excited to have LEPHYR representing our PR in the UK! I have previously worked with Lucy and her passion, motivation and constant understanding of the way things are moving and changing makes her an absolute asset to any brand or company. She totally understands the brand and her approach is in line with the True To This mentality of Volcom” - Edward Martin, Volcom UK Marketing Manager.

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Influencer Community


Content Curation

Social Media Consultation

Authentic Storytelling // Immersive Experience // Creative Communication // Credible Community


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We work in communications, which means our door is always open to meet new people…

Please feel free to email lucy@lephyr.com or alternatively call +44(0)7913 017107



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